Newton® Limescale Remover and Fabric Conditioner for washing machines

Newton® a is totally eco-friendly and harmless product, that doesn't require additives and lasts a lifetime. You can easily install it yourself, it consumes no electricity and you save money on limescale removers, detergents, fabric conditioners, electricity and maintenance. Newton® prevents corrosion, improves heat transfer and reduces energy and detergents consumption.
Newton® is part of a new era of products for home comfort and respect for the environment.


Why Newton® Limescale Remover?

Newton® Limescale Remover system is 100% ecological, it doesn't require maintenance and doesn't consume electricity or additives.
It is ready to use and easy to install (simply screw it with your hand under the water inlet valve of your washing machine).

Limescale Remover

Guarantees your washing machine’s preservation

Fabric conditioner

Decreases the water’s aggression on your garments, which in turn will become softer, less dry and easier to iron.

Save on energy

Newton® keeps your washing machine’s heat exchanger clean and scale-free, thus favouring the heat exchange water-resistance

Save on laundry detergents

Newton increases the additives’ dilution in water


Stop the crusty limescale on pipes, baskets and resistances.

Made in Italy

Newton® Limescale remover and Fabric conditioner for washing machines is entirely designed and made in italy, to ensure the best quality and make it last for at least five years.

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Newton Limescale Remover
Limescale remover and Fabric conditioner for washing machines
  • Protects from limescale
  • Keeps your washing machine clean for better laundry results
  • Your laundry is softer and colours are extra bright
  • No need for maintenance
  • No consumption of electricity and additives
  • Made in Italy

Customer Satisfaction

Newton® cares about its customers’ satisfaction. Here you will find some reviews of our product.
Montato in 2 secondi, ottimo prodotto! Complimenti!!!
Franco Gabbana
Bellissimo accessorio per la lavatrice, l'ho montato da sola, è facilissimo. Con Newton ho finalmente risolto il problema del calcare. Grazie!
Fiorella Turca
Stiro con facilità e la lana è più morbida
Giulia Repetti

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